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Openstack python API: how to download image from glance using the python api

I am trying to write a python program to download images from glance service. However, I could not find a way to download images from the cloud using the API. In the documentation which can be found here:

they explain how to upload images, but not to download them.

The following code shows how to get image object, but I don't now what to do with this object:

import novaclient.v1_1.client as nvclient
name = "cirros"
nova = nvclient.Client(...)
image = nova.images.find(name=name)

is there any way to download the image file and save it on disk using this object "image"?

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Without installing glance cli you can download image via HTTP call as described here:

For the python client you can use

img = client.images.get(IMAGE_ID) 

and then call # or

to retrieve generator by which you can access raw data of image.

Full example (saving image from glance to disk):

img = client.images.find(name='cirros-0.3.2-x86_64-uec')

file_name = "%s.img" %
image_file = open(file_name, 'w+')

for chunk in