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Word Press: No change after I use modifying CSS added through theme's “add CSS” page

I am using the Literatum theme and am running WP on my own server. I am not using a child theme. I've searched this forum and can't find any answers here.

You can see my site at I am trying to modify the "Over NNNN followers..." in the upper left corner.

In Literatum, you modify the CSS in a sanctioned manner through --> Theme Options --> Custom Styles. My site has no option for changing CSS in any other way--there is no such option under the standard WP Appearance submenu.

I looked at the HTML for my site's front page and used the Firefox code inspector to get the correct CSS selectors.

The CSS modification I want to make is:

div.logo .logo-legend p {width: 500px;
font-family: 'PT Sans', sans-serif;}

My intent is to get the desired text all on one line by increasing the width of the field for the desired text.

(NOTE: This code worked for the previous version of the theme. Grrrr...)

I'm stumped. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

Answer Source

Though your Theme provided Custom CSS is not working,you can install and activate this plugin:

After activate you will see a new option here: Dashboard->Appearance -> Custom Css

div.logo .logo-legend {
width: 100%;

Font family have already implemented as you wanted.So just use this code and hope will get solution.


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