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AngularJS Question

How to include tags of AngularJS

I've been reading this docs where I can see using

Modal Dialog Window
. However, I cannot figure out how to include

The code snippet I've got is:

<md-button class="md-primary md-raised edgePadding" ng-click="openFromLeft()" >
Open From Left - Close To Right
<md-button class="md-primary md-raised edgePadding" ng-click="openOffscreen()" >

I've tried to see ways how it is possible to include
tag using a codeopen page, however, there is no result.

Could anybody say how can I use these modal dialogs at my web application?

Answer Source

You need to do a couple of things:

  1. Add the external js resources (angular-material.js, angular-aria.js etc.).
  2. Add the external css resources (angular-material.css etc.)
  3. Add the external module dependencies when you create the module
    angular.module('module', [<dependency1>,<dependency2>])

Here's a small fiddle that creates a quick example.

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