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Accessing data in array segmentation fault

I'm encountering a segmentation fault in my program and I'm pretty sure it's a silly mistake! When I try to access data in my arrays of structs I get a segemtentation fault.

struct block {
int validBit;
int tag;
unsigned long data;
typedef struct block block_t;

struct set{
block_t *blocks;
int tst;
typedef struct set set_t;

struct cache{
//bunch of variables I have left out for this question

set_t *set;
typedef struct cache cache_t;

So the allocation of memory to these are

cache_t *cache = NULL;
cache = malloc(sizeof(*cache);
if(cache == NULL){
fprintf(stdout,"Could not allocate memory for cache!");

cache->set = malloc(16 * sizeof(*cache->set));
if(cache->set == NULL){
fprintf(stdout,"Could not allocate memory for cache->set!");

cache->set->blocks = malloc(2 * sizeof(*cache->set->blocks));
if(cache->set->blocks == NULL){
fprintf(stdout,"Could not allocate memory for cache->set->blocks!");

The cache holds an array of sets with 16 elements. The cache->sets holds an array of blocks with 2 elements.

When I try to set the value of variables inside a block struct a segmentation error arises.

cache->set[0].blocks[0].tag = 1; //This works
cache->set[0].blocks[1].tag = 2; //This works
cache->set[1].blocks[0].tag = 3; //Segmentation fault

EDIT: It seems there is a problem with the variable "tag" inside blocks. If i assign a value to validbit in set[1] it does not produce a segmentation fault.

cache->set[1].blocks[0].validBit = 3; // This works
cache->set[1].blocks[0].tag = 3; //does not work

So it seems to be an issue with the tag variable? Makes no sense to me

Thanks in advance :)

Answer Source

You are not allocating memory for your "block_t" beyond set[0].

Roughly, you should be doing something along these lines:

cache = malloc(sizeof *cache);
cache->set = malloc(num_sets * sizeof *cache->set);
for (i = 0; i < num_sets; i++) {
    cache->set[i].blocks = malloc(...);
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