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JSON Question

PhP - how to get the name of these objects

I'm new to PhP and I'm having trouble to figure out how to achieve one simple thing. I'm making a method which will return an array with key and value matching a json schema to a json data. By the way is there something that does it already?

Back to my question: I have this schema:

$demoSchema = '
"firstName":{"title":"First name", "type":"string", "pattern":"^[a-z]+$"},
"lastName":{"title":"Last name", "type":"string","pattern":"^[a-z]+$"},
"age":{"title":"Age", "description":"Age in years","type":"integer","minimum":1},
"country":{"title":"Country", "type":"string", "enum":["Canada","US"]},
"address":{"title":"Address", "type":"string"},
"postalCode":{"title":"Postal Code", "type":"string"},
"city":{"title":"City", "type":"string"},
"province_ca":{"title":"Province", "type":"string", "enum":["Ontario","Quebec"]},
"province_us":{"title":"State", "type":"string"}

Here is how I transform it in a array:

$obj_schema = (array)json_decode($demoSchema);

My problem by now is that I can't get the name of the objects within the properties objects:
, etc..

How can I get them? When I do this loop I can get the properties inside the object, which I need as well:

foreach ($obj_schema["properties"] as $item){

But I can't get the
, etc.. strings. How can I do that?

Answer Source
foreach ($obj_schema["properties"]  as $property => $item){
    echo 'Property Name:'. $property;
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