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JSON Question

JMESPath JSON filter with multiple matches

I have a json block that looks a bit like this (have you guessed from AWS)

{ "Vpcs":[

I want to use JMESPath to get the OtherKey value for vpc-blabla1 and vpc-blabla3 (Examples, could be any list of vpc-id)

I can get blabla1 with JMESpath filter


But I can't find the syntax for multiple values? I have tried the Or syntax || and the composite syntax | but neither works? - See below for things I have tried.

Vpcs[?VpcId=='blabla1' || 'blabla1'].OtherKey
Vpcs[?VpcId=='blabla1' || ?VpcId=='blabla1'].OtherKey
Vpcs[(?VpcId=='blabla1') || (?VpcId=='blabla1')].OtherKey
Vpcs[?VpcId=='blabla1' | ?VpcId=='blabla1'].OtherKey

Any suggestions? Is this possible or am I going to have to gather one result set at a time and recombine the results I want?

Answer Source

The general syntax for multiple is [? expr1 || expr2] so in your case, you can use:

Vpcs[?VpcId=='vpc-blabla1' || VpcId=='vpc-blabla2'].OtherKey

Another option, if you have many VPC ids you're serach for, you can also say:

Vpcs[?contains(`["vpc-blabla1", "vpc-blabla2"]`, VpcId)].OtherKey
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