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Socket.IO Client fail to connect to Socket.IO nodejs server after latest Openshift update

I have a nodejs v0.10 server with (v0.9.16) running on Openshift, for the past 2 months it has no problem receiving data from my Android apps connecting to the server using AndroidAsync ( Suddenly after Openshift upgrade its service on 25th Feb the Android app fail to connect to the server. Every time the app tries to connect the server, the server will output an error, I run Socket.IO in debug mode and this appear (debug: destroying upgrade).

Funny thing is, the same server also host my web client running the same library, and it has no problem whatsoever with the web client. Can someone please point me to the right direction? I am connecting to the server with where 8000 is the websocket port given by Openshift.

I read that "destroying upgrade" might due to invalid/incompatible js file, I tried to do a manual check on the file by typing this in my browser

I got this return code:


PS: My Android code hasn't been changed, and so is my server code.
PPS: I have successfully connect in localhost environment and my own server. So the problem is most probably originated from Openshift, not sure what have been updated to break it.

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All of a sudden it works again without any code changes. I would however recommended anyone using my approach of connecting to backend server to have a http push backup just incase any future server updates breaks it again.

Would appreciate if anyone from Openshift can help clarify this to prevent sudden death on running production apps. Thanks.

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