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Replace pattern in string PHP REGEX

I have a string that is used for an

command. When values are empty, the corresponding spot in the
string is being generated as:

VALUES ('', 'VALUE', '', '', '', 0, 1, '')

I want to replace the '' with
so the database no longer throws an error about casting
to type

VALUES (null, 'VALUE', null, null, null, 0, 1, null)

I tried using:

$build_values_m = str_replace($build_values_m, ", '', ", ", null, ");

However, that takes away most of my
string and does not JUST replace the empty values with

How can I do this?

Answer Source

It looks like you want to replace "''" with "NULL" and that you are attempting to do so without glancing at the manual:

If you looked at the manual, you would see that the order of the parameters is Search, Replace, OriginalString. You are trying to do OriginalString, Search, Replace - which won't work - obviously. So, try to do it in the proper order:

$build_values_m = str_replace("''","NULL",$build_values_m);

Then, all instances of "''" will be replaced with the string "NULL".

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