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Getting key of _.orderBy result in Lodash

I want to return the key of the first object returned by the

method which sorts by a nested property.

Here is the CodePen demo. In this case, the key I want to return is


const ob = {
"alpha": {
"id": 27,
"lottery": {
"id": 1,
"name": "La Primitiva",
"jackpotAmount": 500,
"bravo": {
"id": 28,
"lottery": {
"id": 1,
"name": "La Primitiva",
"jackpotAmount": 10,
"charlie": {
"id": 29,
"lottery": {
"id": 1,
"name": "La Primitiva",
"jackpotAmount": 1000,

const out = _.orderBy(ob, (e) => {
return e.lottery.jackpotAmount;
}, ['desc'] ); // How do I get key of first property, "charlie"?


Answer Source

This isn't the most efficient way of getting the highest jackpotAmount. Sorting is O(n log n ). You can find the highest value in O(n) time. This is also creating a temporary copy of the list so it uses a lot of extra memory for a temporary operation. Using _.maxBy() would be more efficient.

var x = _.maxBy(ob, (e) => { return e.lottery.jackpotAmount; });

These functions work on lists. To get the key rather than item, you need to iterate over the keys.

var keys = Object.keys(ob);
return _.maxBy(keys, (e) => { return ob[e].lottery.jackpotAmount; });

Note that this doesn't entirely solve the efficiency issues. Depending on the javascript engine, the overhead of needing the keys array and the ob[e] lookup degrade space usage to O(n) and potentially a complexity of O(n log n).

If you're targeting a modern JS engine, you can use the Map object with a hand-written search to get constant space and linear time search.

const getMax = function (map) {
    let maxValue = null;
    let maxKey = null;

    map.forEach((value, key) => {
        if (value.lottery.jackpotAmount > maxValue) {
            maxValue = value.lottery.jackpotAmount;
            maxKey = key;

    return maxKey;

Here's a Codepen demo.


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