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Using Firebase push() to create a list

Here is the reference I created to my Firebase database

let ref = FIRDatabase.database().reference()

However, when I try to use this as the base_url for a push(), I get this error:

Value of type 'FIRDatabaseReference' has no member 'push'

I tried to change my base_url to this:

let ref = Firebase.database().ref()

But then I get

Module 'Firebase' has no member 'database'

Here's my Podfile. Am I missing something? I have imported Firebase at the top of my file.

# Uncomment this line to define a global platform for your project
# platform :ios, '9.0'

target 'ValleybrookMessenger' do
# Comment this line if you're not using Swift and don't want to use dynamic frameworks

# Pods for ValleybrookMessenger

pod 'Firebase'
pod 'Firebase/Database'
pod 'Firebase/Auth'

target 'ValleybrookMessengerTests' do
inherit! :search_paths
# Pods for testing

target 'ValleybrookMessengerUITests' do
inherit! :search_paths
# Pods for testing


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Answer Source

Swift doesn't have a push() method, so the equivalent you probably want is childByAutoId().

The first way you created the reference is correct:

let ref = FIRDatabase.database().reference()
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