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Flags mask read and write posix

Checking the access mode of the file is slightly more complex, since the O_RDONLY (0), O_WRONLY (1), and O_RDWR (2) constants don’t correspond to single bits in the open file status flags. Therefore, to make this check, we mask the flags value with the constant O_ACCMODE, and then test for equality with one of the constants:

accessMode = flags & O_ACCMODE;

if (accessMode == O_WRONLY || accessMode == O_RDWR)
printf("file is writable\n");

I want to understand how the expressiin flags & O_ACCMODE work

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The file modes are mutually exclusive. You can't be read-only and write-only, and you can't be read-write and either of the other two.

O_ACCMODE is equal to 3 so bits 1 and 2 are on.

   00000000 (O_RDONLY)
&  00000011 (O_ACCMODE)
   00000000  <-- the result being compared

where 00000000 equals read-only so (accessMode == O_RDONLY) returns true.

The same for the others.

   00000001 (O_WRONLY)
&  00000011 (O_ACCMODE)
   00000001 <-- the result being compared

O_WRONLY is 1 so (accessMode == O_WRONLY) is "is 1 equal to 1" which naturally returns true.

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