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Multiple cassandra instances

for my master thesis, I have to modify Cassandra (I want to make a distributed version where different clusters will send the modifications with some dependencies and stuff :) ). So, I am starting to finally understand the code and I think I know how to do it, but I have encountered a problem:

I have to run different instances of cassandra on my computer (so I would have like 3 terminals running cassandra on different addresses, and 3 others terminal open with cqlsh for each cassandra, and when I insert values in a table with one terminal cqlsh, it will only affect the corresponding cassandra cluster) . I have found different ways on internet to do it, but every times, you should duplicate the binaries (so the code in my case), and since I am working on it, I don't want to duplicate it, because every time I make a small modification, I should reduplicate everything (I guess I could use a git to easily push and pull the modification from the original folder, but I am sure that there should be an easier way, right? :) )

thank you in advance :)

PS: I use windows (I can switch to linux (virtual box) but I would like to continue to work on windows if possible) and cassandra 3.10

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take a look at cassandra ccm, it allows you to run multiple instances on the same physical machine. (used mostly for testing)

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