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Assert that a WebElement is not present using Selenium WebDriver with java

In tests that I write, if I want to assert a WebElement is present on the page, I can do a simple:

driver.findElement(By.linkText("Test Search"));

This will pass if it exists and it will bomb out if it does not exist. But now I want to assert that a link does not exist. I am unclear how to do this since the code above does not return a boolean.

EDIT This is how I came up with my own fix, I'm wondering if there's a better way out there still.

public static void assertLinkNotPresent (WebDriver driver, String text) throws Exception {
List<WebElement> bob = driver.findElements(By.linkText(text));
if (bob.isEmpty() == false) {
throw new Exception (text + " (Link is present)");

Answer Source

Not Sure which version of selenium you are referring to, however some commands in selenium * can now do this:

  • assertNotSomethingSelected
  • assertTextNotPresent


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