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Distributing loadable builtin bash modules

I've written a built-in for bash which modifies the 'cd' command, a requirement for my software. Is there a way to actually distribute a loadable independently of bash itself? I'd ideally like to distribute just a drop in "additional feature" because I know people can be put off by patching and compiling their shell from source code.

In a comment to a now-deleted answer, Philluminati said:

I want to time how long a user is in a directory so I can determine where they want to be. It's this functionality: rewritten as a bash builtin, for performance issues. This implementation uses
to work but I wanted something integrated.


It is unclear what you have modified but in any case, bash (like at least ksh93 which IIRC introduced the concept and zsh) supports, using the enable -f file name syntax, loading built-in functions as external dynamically loaded modules.

These modules being plain files can certainly be distributed independently, as long as you make sure they are compatible with the target version/architecture. This was already true 5 years ago when you asked this question.

One issue in your case is there seems to be no documented way to overload a internal built-in like cd by a dynamically loaded one while keeping the ability to access the former.

A simple workaround would be to implement your customized cd with a different name, say mycd, like this:

int mycd_builtin(list)
WORD_LIST *list;
  int rv;
    char wd[PATH_MAX+1];
    // do your custom stuff knowing the new working directory
  return (rv);

then to use an alias, or better, a shell function for your customized version to be used instead of the regular one:

cd() {
  mycd "$@"

As long as your customization doesn't affect the behavior of the standard command and thus doesn't risk breaking scripts using it, there is nothing wrong in your approach.