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Sqlite insert lines bug

I am stuck on a really weird bug. I have a table followers, and when I insert datas, it works except for th me first entry.

The first time I call the function, nothing is thrown and the insert function return as expected 1. But when I call the select all function, the table is empty.

However when I call the function an other time with different parameters, the data are really inserted and the table shows one entry (this one) but with 2 as id.

I am using Sqldelight.

public long insertFollower(String name, String wca_id, long created_at) {

try {
SQLiteDatabase db = openDatabase();

return db.insert(Follower.TABLE_NAME, null, Follower.FACTORY.marshal()

catch (Exception e) {

finally {

return 0;

private static AtomicInteger openCount = new AtomicInteger();
private static SQLiteDatabase database;

public static final String DATABASE_NAME = "database.db";
public static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 12;

private static DatabaseHelper instance;

public static synchronized DatabaseHelper getInstance(Context context) {
if(instance == null) {
instance = new DatabaseHelper(context);

return instance;

public synchronized SQLiteDatabase openDatabase() {
if(openCount.incrementAndGet() == 1) {
database = getWritableDatabase();

return database;

public synchronized void closeDatabase() {
if(openCount.decrementAndGet() == 0) {

public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {



And the Follower.CREATE_TABLE who was generated by sqldelight

String CREATE_TABLE = ""
+ "CREATE TABLE follower (\r\n"
+ " name TEXT NOT NULL,\r\n"
+ " wca_id TEXT NOT NULL\r\n"
+ ")";


I noticed something strange that may help:

This works only if the table is empty

I insert a follower, that doesn't works. But when I insert an other follower with the same ID as the first one (there is a primary key autoincrement). I get a UNIQUE exception but the table is still empty.

Do not hesitate to ask more information.

Thank you.

Answer Source

I finally find the answer thanks to @anstrong: to select the follower I used cursor.moveToFirst() and the while(cursor.moveToNext()) was called just after

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