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MySQL Question

CodeIgniter nested where condition

I want to run this query on CodeIgniter

select * from connections where (first_user=$u_id and second_user=$id) OR (first_user=$id and second_user=$u_id)

Controller I written for creating above code as follows

$where = array('first_user' => $this->session->userdata('u_id') , 'second_user'=> $this->uri->segment(4));
$or_where = array('first_user' => $this->uri->segment(4) , 'second_user'=> $this->session->userdata('u_id'));
$data['friendship']=$this->user_model->get_sql_select_data_or_where('connections', $where, $or_where, NULL, '1');

and the function get_sql_select_data_or_where is as follows

public function get_sql_select_data_or_where($tablename, $where = '', $or_where = '', $feild = '', $limit = '', $order_by = '', $like = '') {

if (!empty($feild))

if (empty($feild))

if (!empty($where))

if (!empty($or_where))

if (!empty($limit))

if (!empty($like))

if (!empty($order_by))

$query = $this->db->get();
return $query->result();

But when I print the query ,the result is as below

SELECT * FROM (`connections`) WHERE `first_user` = '28' AND `second_user` = '20' OR `first_user` = '20' OR `second_user` = '28' LIMIT 1

Where I expected AND condition instead of second OR. What could possibly go wrong?

Answer Source

You can use this

 $where = "(first_user='".$this->session->userdata('u_id')."' AND second_user='". $this->uri->segment(4)."') OR ( second_user= '".$this->session->userdata('u_id')."' AND first_user= '".$this->uri->segment(4)."') ";

Referance : How to give two or where condition in mysql query in codeigniter

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