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How do you SELECT attributes of a custom type via a table alias?

Is there any way to select the individual attributes of a custom typed column in PostgreSQL via a table alias? Without using a table alias, wrapping the name of the column in parens works fine. As soon as a table alias is introduced my query fails with a syntax error.

I've scoured the Postgres docs and haven't been able to find anything illustrating how to accomplish this. Surely this is possible?

CREATE TYPE test_type AS (
some_text TEXT,
some_number INTEGER

CREATE TABLE test_table (
some_test test_type NOT NULL

INSERT INTO test_table (some_test)

-- This works great

SELECT id, (some_test).some_text, (some_test).some_number
FROM test_table;

│ id │ some_text │ some_number │
│ 1 │ SOME TEXT │ 42 │

As soon as the table alias is introduced you can't SELECT the
individual attributes from the custom typed column

SELECT id, x.(some_test).some_text, x.(some_test).some_number
FROM test_table AS x;

ERROR: syntax error at or near "("
LINE 1: select id, x.(some_test).some_text, x.(some_test).some_numbe...

Answer Source

You need to put the parentheses around the combination of alias and column:

SELECT id, (x.some_test).some_text, (x.some_test).some_number
FROM test_table x;
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