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C# Question

Determine the type of the date C#

  1. I have a windows server LAN

  2. I have multiple devices associated with it

  3. Each device is different from the type of dates (AD (miladi), AH (hijri))

  4. I have a problem in my project a different type dates from device to device

  5. The project has publish on the server

  6. Is there a way to read the date type from server

  7. My Project C# Windows Form I am Use multiple layer in My Project And I am use datetimepicker And And monthcalendar## how solve this proplem ##

Answer Source

You are actually not asking about a type of a date but about so called "culture". A culture represents the user locale of the system and it defines a date format, a number format... You can retrieve the current culture by using CultureInfo.CurrentCulture property.

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