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iOS Question

Finding max element in 2D array in swift

As we have support for Array to find max element using

, do we have any method using which we find max element in a 2D array
in swift-2.0? Or do we need to write our own method?

Answer Source

I don't know of any built in support for that but I suppose this is a simple enough solution

var matrix = [[3,5,4,6,7,],[9,2,6,8,3,5],[1,2,6,7,8,4]]

let max = matrix.maxElement({ (a, b) -> Bool in
    return a.maxElement() < b.maxElement()

max is Optional(9) in this case

or you can use map for the same

let max2 ={ (a) -> Int in
    return a.maxElement()!

shorter version

let max3 ={ $0.maxElement()!}).maxElement()!
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