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UIStackView with UILabels in Xcode 7.3

Since I've updated to Xcode 7.3 I have a problem with

. If I create an empty project and just put two
s in
with default hugging and compression priorities, it shows me AutoLayout misplacement error. It even doesn't work with one(!)
, so priorities doesn't matter (as I think, maybe there is the problem).

As I remember in Xcode prior 7.3 everything was fine. I checked on two MacBook Pro separately, it's the same issue.

Does anybody know how to fix it?

enter image description here
enter image description here

Answer Source

enter image description here This is a bug appears in Xcode 7.3, so you can ignore it as what he said matt.

The problem

The storyboard can not calculate the intrinsic content size of subviews when you use UIStackView


If you hate seeing warnings in your storyboard you can fixe it like below :

You should do these steps for each subview of your UIStackView

  • Tap the warning of your subview
  • Tap "Update frames" option
  • Choose "Placeholder" of the subview intrinsic size in the fourth menu in the inspector view

Like that you will not see warnings, and you can see if any ambiguities exist

The disadvantage is you should do this steps each time you change your subview (example: changing the size of text of an UILabel)

Hoping that Apple fixes this bug in the next release

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