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Combining ES6 unicode literals with ES6 template literals

If I want to print a unicode Chinese character in ES6/ES2015 javascript, I can do this:


Likewise, if I want to interpolate a variable into a template string literal, I can do this:

let x = "48b0";
console.log(`The character code is ${ x.toUpperCase() }.`);

However, it seems that I can't combine the two to print a list of, for example, 40 consecutive unicode Chinese characters. This doesn't work:

for (let i = 0, firstCharCode = parseInt("4eb0", 16); i < 40; ++i) {
let hexCharCode = (firstCharCode + i).toString(16);
console.log(`\u{${ hexCharCode }}`); // generates SyntaxError

So I'm asking if there's any way it's possible.

Answer Source

You would need to use String.fromCodePoint(), which accepts a number and returns a character.

You can't do it with literals because... well... it's not a literal anymore. Literals can't be produced as the result of a procedure, they need to be written as literals.

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