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PHP Question

Send a image to the SQL database

I am working on an android application where I take a photo from the camera and send it to the server. The image is sent from the app as an encoded string in the base64 format. I can easily save the photo on the local server, but I cannot save it in the database. Why?

here is my php code:

header('Content-type : bitmap; charset=utf-8');


$encoded_string = $_POST["encoded_string"];
$image_name = $_POST["image_name"];
$detail1 = $_POST["detail1"];

$decoded_string = base64_decode($encoded_string);

$path = 'images/'.$image_name;

$file = fopen($path, 'wb');

$is_written = fwrite($file, $decoded_string);

if($is_written > 0) {

$connection = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', 'pass','image-test');
$query = "INSERT INTO photos(name,path,detail1,image) values ('$image_name','$path', '$detail1', '$decoded_string');";

$result = mysqli_query($connection, $query) ;

echo "success";
echo "failed";


The $encoded_string is the base64 of the image, and the $decoded_string is properly the image. What may be the cause that when I send it to the database, the image column is null? May it be a mistyping between blob type of the 'image' column and .jpg type of the photo sent?


send the decoded base64 string to the BLOB datatype column in the SQL table