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Debugging Maya Plugin with Xcode

I am trying to debug my Maya plugin that I build for Maya 2013 using Xcode 4.6.3 debugging features. I want to be able to set a breakpoint and trace through the plugin but I am not able to set Xcode up for Maya debugging. In the Edit Scheme section, I set the executable to but that results in the following output in my Console window:

-v prints the product version and cut number
-batch for batch mode
-prompt for interactive non-gui mode
-proj [dir] look for files in the specified project dir
-command [mel command] runs the specified command on startup
-file [file] opens the specified file
-script [file] sources the specified file on startup
(use complete file name)
-recover recover the last journal file
(use 'Render -help' for more options)
-optimizeRender [file] [outfile]
optimize maya file efficient for rendering
purposes, and put result in outfile
(use 'maya -optimizeRender -help' for more options)
-archive [file] displays a list of files required to archive
the specified scene.
-noAutoloadPlugins do not auto-load any plug-ins.
-3 enable Python 3000 compatibility warnings
-help prints this message

I have set the build configuration to 'Debug'. The only known link that was helpful was this but now its severely outdated.

Could anyone please help me in setting Xcode up for Maya debugging?

Answer Source

This link provides a very good explanation for debugging Maya plugins in Visual Studio. The same process can be applied to Xcode.

Link :-

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