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HTML Question

How can I display ë character in the url?

I have an url that contains this

character. Is there any way so that I can display as
in front end, but in backend it can be converted to ASCII value
of this character.
When you view this question particular page url will display
character. So I want same thing to be display. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Answer Source

Well, you'd do good to look at the HTML for this page then:

<a href="/questions/38720183/how-can-i-display-%c3%ab-character-in-the-url" class="question-hyperlink">How can I display ë character in the url?</a>

You must use the correctly URL-encoded version, %c3%ab. The browser may then decide to render it as "ë". That's entirely up to the browser, and it won't do it for all characters, specifically it won't decode particular lookalike characters which can be used to spoof a URL to look identical to another URL but actually be different.

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