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PHP Question

Replace Dash with Space in PHP

I currently have this line in my code:

<div><a href="'.$row[website].'-seo-services">'.ucwords($row[website]).'</a></div>

And it will display a city name such as this:


But what I need is for it to display without the dashes and so that ucwords will capitalize the first letter of each word such as this:

Puiol Del Piu

It would be great if the code could be confined to this one line because I have a lot more going on with others stuff in the page as well.

Answer Source
echo '<div><a href="'.$row[website].'-seo-services">'.ucwords(str_replace("-"," ",$row[website])).'</a></div>';

In the above example you can use str_replace() to replace hyphens with spaces to create separate words. Then use ucwords() to capitalize the newly created words.

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