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HTTP Question

sending parameters to HTTP POST request

I want to parse a webpage called autocoder O*NET

so I want to send request to the URL, In an HTTP POST request, the parameters are not sent along with the URL as mentioned in HERE

My question is how I know the parameters I should pass?

autocoder o*net
I consider the
in the
as a parameters that I should pass to the
is this right?

Map<String,Object> params = new LinkedHashMap<>();
params.put("jobtitle", "Back-End Developer");
params.put("jobdesc", "");
params.put("educcode", "");
params.put("naics", "");
params.put("category", "");
params.put("employer", "");


Unless the operator of the mentioned web site publishes an an official api description for the url one can post to you can only guess which parameters are meaningful. I haved used the firefox developers tools that are bundled with the browser (version 47.0.1) and found that these are likely to be processed:

  • action
  • view
  • jobtitle
  • jobdesc
  • codetype
  • employer
  • categroy
  • educcode
  • naics