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HTTP Question

sending parameters to HTTP POST request

I want to parse a webpage called autocoder O*NET

so I want to send request to the URL, In an HTTP POST request, the parameters are not sent along with the URL as mentioned in HERE

My question is how I know the parameters I should pass?

autocoder o*net
I consider the
in the
as a parameters that I should pass to the
is this right?

Map<String,Object> params = new LinkedHashMap<>();
params.put("jobtitle", "Back-End Developer");
params.put("jobdesc", "");
params.put("educcode", "");
params.put("naics", "");
params.put("category", "");
params.put("employer", "");

Answer Source

Unless the operator of the mentioned web site publishes an an official api description for the url one can post to you can only guess which parameters are meaningful. I haved used the firefox developers tools that are bundled with the browser (version 47.0.1) and found that these are likely to be processed:

  • action
  • view
  • jobtitle
  • jobdesc
  • codetype
  • employer
  • categroy
  • educcode
  • naics
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