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Matching a JS string with regex

I have a long xml raw message that is being stored in a string format. A sample is as below.


I'm looking to search this string and find out if it contains an empty html tag such as
. This thing is, the value of SomeName can change depending on context. I've tried using
to find out if it contains exactly that string, but am able to get it return anything. I'm having trouble in writing a reg ex that matches something like
, where
is going to be
(which I'm not interested in)

Tl;dr : How do I filter out
from the string. Format being :
<constant variableName constant/>

Example patterns that it should match:


Answer Source

The issue you have with Str.match(/<tag.*.XYZ\/>/g) is the .* takes everything it sees and does not stop at the XYZ as you wish. So you need to find a way to stop (e.g. the [^/]* means keep taking until you find a /) and then work back from there (the slice).

Does this help

testString = "<tagGetIndexXYZ/>"
res = testString.match(/<tag([^/]*)\/\>/)[1].slice(0,-3)

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