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Java Question

What is the best way to find what range a number is in?

I am working on a discount requirement, where the user should be given discount based on his order amount.

For example,

Order 1000 to 5000 items - give 10% discount

Order 5000 to 10000 items - give 15% discount

Order 10000 to 15000 items - give 20% discount

These are the details I have in my database.

What is the best way to find the discount percent based on my order amount. I have tried setting these in a List of object and iterate them and find in what range it belongs and then get that percent.

But this seems to be a long approach. Please let me know if there is any better approach than this.

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This is my Java solution. Totally agree if you want to do it direct with SQL. But either way, here's some codez! :)

I would use a LinkedHashMap of key "Amounts" with value "Discounts". It's Linked so that it maintains order when you iterate over it, from highest to lowest. If your value is >= the iterated key Amount, apply the value Discount and break out of the loop.

Map<Integer,Integer> map = new LinkedHashMap<>();

public void discount() {


private int discount(int value) {
    for (Map.Entry<Integer,Integer> entrySet : map.entrySet()) {
        if (value >= entrySet.getKey()) {
            return entrySet.getValue();
    return 0;

Results… (it assumes that anything above 10000 is 20%)

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