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Initialising a QueryDict.fromkeys

We can initialise a new dict instance from a list of keys:

>>> dict.fromkeys(['spam', 'spam', 'potato'])
{'potato': None, 'spam': None}

And a querydict is a dict, so this should work, right?

>>> QueryDict.fromkeys(['spam', 'spam', 'potato'])
TypeError: __init__() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given)

Of course I can do something lame like
, but my question: is the
method usable at all, or completely broken?

If the former, how do you use it? If the latter, why wasn't it explicitly disabled in the subclass?

Answer Source

tl;dr QueryDict.fromkeys will start working in the Django 1.11 release.

At PyCon 2016 I had the opportunity to speak with some core Django developers, we agreed the inherited method is broken and violates the Liskov substitution principle. At one of the sprints I was able to scratch this itch and patch the QueryDict class.

Here's the relevant commit and issue, the fix is now merged into master and already in the docs. I used an implementation similar to the first proposal from hynekcer.

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