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Wordpress White screen of death after migration

So after i moved my website from a local WAMP installation to a hosting provider, I am getting a white screen of death. The website is working normally, except that i cannot access wp-admin. I have tried disabling the theme and the plugins(it's now on twentyfifteen) but the error still persists. Before i disabled those, debug would show something like 'WP:Widget is deprecated, please use __construct()' so i searched online and i figured it should be one of the plugins or the theme, but that doesn't do the trick either. Now, debug shows nothing and the white screen persists. Maybe it's related to the php version of the new hosting? I have tried reaching out to them, but until they answer maybe someobody here knows what I should do. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Case 1 : You can Access Admin

  • Remove htaccess from root
  • Login into admin update paramlinks
  • deactive and active theme you are using.

Case 2 : You can't Access Admin (Try With FTP)

  • Disable Plugins

    your plugins by simply renaming the plugins directory to plugins.old

  • Disable Theme

if you rename your active theme the same way we renamed plugins, WordPress will automatically fall back to using a default WordPress theme.

  • Enable Debugger

    WP_DEBUG, it’s a constant that you can add to your wp-config.php file on your website, that will output any specific errors that are occurring on the site the same way the Windows blue screen does.

That's it.

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