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REST best practise for retrieving a specific subset of elements

Ok, so we all know the REST way of getting a list of all entities would be to HTTP/GET

, the best way of getting a single entity would be to HTTP/GET
and the best way to get some entities is to HTTP/GET

But what would be a good approach when we need to get a specific set of entities, equivalent to a SQL
select ... where id in(id1, id2...)
when multiple HTTP/GET
is not an option due to latency?

And specifically how would I be able to do it with RESTEasy

Answer Source

As per HTTP request type, each request type should serve as per protocol.

For example, HTTP/get should always be retrieving data and never do modifications using this call.

Also, as per REST, we should use these HTTP types as follows:

  1. GET - To retrieve entity.
  2. PUT - To save / update entity
  3. POST - To query or save entity
  4. DELETE - To remove entity

And so on ...

Hence, I would recomment to implement a /query endpoint of HTTP/post type which should be made generic to handle maximum query scenarios.

We could send nested json data in body to specify query parameters.

Json body for example:


This way you would achieve high flexibility and may query is lots of different ways.

Hope it helps!!

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