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javascript pass variable to this.src

I have the name of an image file generated in javascript and passed to the src of an image in HTML - this currently works.

I want to pass another image file as the onmouseover attribute of the image.
(because my file name is dynamically generated I can't use hover in css).

var new_source_for_image = "/prestashop_1.7.0.3/modules/se_daynight/img/" + file_name + ".png";

<div id="visit_daynight">
<div class="change_visit">
<a href="#"><img id="visit_image" src="" width="350" height="350"></a>

So i thought of adding another variable from a generated file name:

var new_source_for_image_with_glow = "/prestashop_1.7.0.3/modules/se_daynight/img/" + file_name + "_glow" + ".png";


<a href="#"><img id="visit_image" src="" width="350" height="350"

But I don't know how to pass my new variable in the this.src attribute.

Anybody have any ideas?

Much appreciated!

Answer Source
With jquery by using mouseover() and mouseout() and attr() functions

var file_name='your_file_name';
var new_source_for_image ="/prestashop_1.7.0.3/modules/se_daynight/img/" + file_name + ".png";
var new_source_for_image_with_glow = "/prestashop_1.7.0.3/modules/se_daynight/img/" + file_name + "_glow" + ".png";


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