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Netbeans PHP function parameter hints

I looked around and found things that addressed related issues, but not what I'm looking for specifically.

I'm using Netbeans which has really grown on me, but when I go to use a function, the "intellisense" hints pop up correctly, but as soon as I go to type in the arguments, the code hint that shows the function signature and its parameters disappear.

This hurts my productivity because I don't have the signatures memorized, and I always end up having to reference it as I'm typing it up.

Is this normal for Netbeans or is there some way I can make it so the function hints stay until I close the parenthesis for the function signature?

Update: I just found Ctrl + P will show the parameter methods, is there some way to have that automatically show instead of constantly typing Ctrl + P?

Answer Source

Apparently turning off auto-bracket closing will allow intellisense and code hints to appear correctly.

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