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SQL Question

How can I iterate through a MySQL result set?

Here is the code I'm using:

# Run the query against the database defined in .yml file.
# This is a Mysql::result object -
@results = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(@sql_query)

In my View, here's what I do to see the values:

<pre><%= debug @results %></pre>
Outputs: #<Mysql2::Result:0x007f31849a1fc0>

<% @results.each do |val| %>
<%= val %>
<% end %>
Outputs: ["asdfasdf", 23, "qwefqwef"] ["sdfgdsf", 23, "asdfasdfasdf"]

So imagine I query something like
select * from Person
, and that returns a result set such as:

ID Name Age
1 Sergio 22
2 Lazlow 28
3 Zeus 47

How can I iterate through each value and output it?

The documentation here is not useful because I have tried methods that supposedly exist, but the interpreter gives me an error saying that those methods don't exist. Am I using the wrong documentation?


Answer Source

If you are using mysql2 gem then you should be getting the mysql2 result object and according to the docs you should be able to do the following

results.each do |row|
  # conveniently, row is a hash
  # the keys are the fields, as you'd expect
  # the values are pre-built ruby primitives mapped from their corresponding field types in MySQL
  # Here's an otter:

Checkout the documentation here

So in you case you can do the following

<% @results.each do |val| %>
   <%= "#{val['id']}, #{val['name']}, #{val['age']}" %>
<% end %>

Edit: you seem to be referring to the wrong doc check the Mysql2 gems doc.

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