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Objective-C Question

Stop Camera from rotating around a rotating parent

I have a rolling marble and would like my camera to follow it. My problem is that my camera is also rotating around my object as it is rotating.

Here's my code.

-(void) setupCameraOnMarble:(SCNNode*)marble
[cameraNode removeFromParentNode];

[marble addChildNode:cameraNode];

SCNLookAtConstraint *marbleStare = [SCNLookAtConstraint lookAtConstraintWithTarget:marble];

marbleStare.gimbalLockEnabled = YES;

cameraNode.constraints = @[marbleStare];

I'm thinking that a transform constraint should work but I don't understand how it works.

Answer Source

Are you sure you need to make cameraNode a child of marble?

Because according to SKNode docs: when a node’s coordinate system is scaled or rotated, this transformation is applied both to the node’s own content and to that of its descendants see SKNode

So i assume you need to un-child camera from marble. And to achive that followint the object behavior from camera, you may update camera coordinates somewhere in the code, that moves the marble

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