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How to get posts with votes above a certain number? - Rails

I'm trying to make a feed page where users can see the popular posts and the posts of whom they followed. This what I tried (but failed):

@popularPosts = Post.where(cached_votes_score > '2')

returning an error.

undefined local variable or method `cached_votes_score' for #<PagesController:0x007fa2ae08f630> Did you mean? cache_store

Any thought on this?

Answer Source

What you want is done:

Post.where('cached_votes_score > 2')

What you where trying to do was interpreted as trying to call a method cached_votes_score in the controller and comparing if its returned value is greater than '2'.

Rails doesn't have a Railsism to do greater than comparisons, so you do a SQL segment to accomplish it.

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