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What should we use in place of getInnerHtml() and getOutterHtml() in Selenium?

So selenium deprecated getInnerHtml() and getOutterHtml() and in 3.0 beta they plan on completely removing the functions. I have test that check markup. So what should we be using in their place? Why are they being removed? I use protractor/webdriver.js with selenium.

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.getInnerHTML() and .getOuterHTML() methods can be replaced with .getAttribute("innerHTML") and .getAttribute("outerHTML") respectively and, I assume, this is the reason they are deprecated. There is no point in having special methods for these cases while it can be easily retrieved through a "get attribute" call.

Note that getInnerHTML() and getOuterHTML() are not a part of the Protractor public API anymore as well.

FYI, here are the getInnerHTML() and getOuterHTML() method implementations - basically retrieving the innerHTML and outerHTML attribute values (though for "outerHTML" there is a special case handling - when there is no outerHTML attribute available).

By the way, if you want to enforce not having getInnerHTML() and getOuterHTML() in your test codebase, you can use no-get-inner-outer-html ESLint rule from eslint-plugin-protractor plugin (shameless self-promotion).

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