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what's the Git equivalent of TFS commands shelve/unshelve? cherry-pick?

I found that the shelve/unshelve commands in TFS are very handy and very simple to use. What's the equivalent in Git ?

here's the scenario in TFS :

  • I made changes in the trunk

  • I shelve : the change set is saved on the server (with a label) and I get the source back before the changes

  • I work in the trunk

  • Someone can unshelve : get the change set in his workspace

I know that there's a command call cherry-pick but i"m not sure of the workflow and if it fits the need.

Answer Source

What you describe is similar to git stash, except since with git you have your own repository (not just a single one on a server), only you can get that change set back.

The general idea is:

# do some stuff
vim foo/bar.c
# stash away your changes
git stash

# do some other things...

# retrieve your changes
git stash pop

If you wanted someone else to have access to this changeset, you'd want to instead commit it to a working branch:

# make yourself a branch
git checkout -b temp-featureA
# commit to it
git add foo/bar.c; git commit

# now you push this branch (or they could just fetch straight from you)
git push origin temp-featureA

# Now, in someone else's repo:
# Fetch updates
git fetch origin
# Make a branch tracking the remote branch
git branch temp-featureA origin/temp-featureA

# Either check it out:
git checkout temp-featureA
# or cherry-pick it, to apply the changes somewhere else:
git cherry-pick temp-featureA
# or, if it's multiple commits, rebase it!
git rebase --onto my-branch start-of-featureA temp-featureA
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