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Objective-C Question

Removing Apple Maps Default Annotations

I have been building an app that pins places to a map and have been using Apple Maps for it thus far. However, I've noticed that when zoomed in, the default POI annotations that Apple has included in its maps are quite distracting and make the map feel cluttered when I add my own annotations to the map as well.

I am searching for a way to turn these POIs off in the API but have yet to find the correct property or method to do so.

Just to note, it does appear possible as the new OpenTable app is using Apple Maps, but has found a way to remove these POI annotations. I would post images of each to show the difference, but apparently I need 10 reputation points to do this!

If anyone can even point me to a link that will show me how to remove these, I'm happy to read documentation.

Answer Source

Looking at the documentation there is a showsPointsOfInterest as of iOS 7, just set it to NO (ObjC) or false (Swift).

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