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Python how to delete a specific value from a dictionary key with multiple values?

I have a dictionary with multiple values per key and each value has two elements (possibly more). I would like to iterate over each value-pair for each key and delete those values-pairs that meet some criteria. Here for instance I would like to delete the second value pair for the key A; that is: ('Ok!', '0'):

myDict = {'A': [('Yes!', '8'), ('Ok!', '0')], 'B': [('No!', '2')]}


myDict = {'A': [('Yes!', '8')], 'B': [('No!', '2')]}

I can iterate over the dictionary by key or value, but can't figure out how I delete a specific value.

Answer Source

The code like this:

myDict = {'A': [('Yes!', '8'), ('Ok!', '0')], 'B': [('No!', '2')]}
for v in myDict.values():
    if ('Ok!', '0') in v:
        v.remove(('Ok!', '0'))
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