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Difference between IsPostBack, IsCallback and IsCrossPagePostBack in ASP.NET

Can someone point me to a link which explains difference between IsPostBack, IsCallback and IsCrossPagePostBack in ASP.NET?

I have googled but didn’t get exact information.

Found below link for difference between IsPostBack, IsCallback.
What is the difference between Page.IsPostBack and Page.IsCallBack?


Answer Source

1) IsPostBack: "A postback is a request sent from a client to server from the same page, user is already working with." ASP.NET was introduced with a mechanism to post an HTTP POST request back to the same page. It’s basically posting a complete page back to server (i.e. sending all of its data) on same page. So, the whole page is refreshed.

2) IsCallBack: “A callback is generally a call for execution of a function after another function has completed.” But if we try to differentiate it from a postback then we can say: It’s a call made to the server to receive specific data instead of whole page refresh like a postback. In ASP.NET, its achieved using AJAX, that makes a call to server and updating a part of the page with specific data received.

3) IsCrossPagePostBack: “Gets a value indicating whether the page is involved in a cross-page postback or not." It's a different feature from "IsPostBack" and "IsCalBack" because It's generally used when we need to get the data from previous page

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