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Chrome-har-capturer and Android via ADB

I need to use chrome-har-capturer with an Android phone via ADB.

With Chrome on the local machine, one can start Chrome with the following switch:


and then use chrome-hat-capturer as below to connect to the specified port for remote debugging:

chrome-hat-capturer --port <port> -o out.har

The issue with Android is that while I can start Chrome on Android using ADB, It doesn't accept the remote debugging switch:

db shell am start -n com.android.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main --remote-debugging-port=9222

Error: Unknown option: --remote-debugging-port=9222

Any idea how to do this?

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For anyone else trying to do this, I found how to do this:

On you local machine:

1) Run chrome:

adb shell am start -n com.android.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main

2) Forward the debugging port:

adb forward tcp:9222 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote

3) Run chrome-har-capturer:

chrome-har-capturer --force --port 9222 -o my.har http://www.example.com

Note that you must use the --force option.