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Why does this code create an infinite loop?

I have a JavaScript problem. I have a function that runs when I hit a button, the variables are changed via JavaScript. Everything in the function runs properly but this one last part:

else if (upgrade == "upgMiner4") {
var cost="500";
var qty="1";
var readCash=parseInt(document.getElementById("cash").innerHTML);
while (readCash >= cost) {
document.getElementById("cash").innerHTML += "-"+cost;
document.getElementById("cash").innerHTML = eval(document.getElementById("cash").innerHTML);
document.getElementById("gpt").innerHTML += "+"+qty;
document.getElementById("gpt").innerHTML = eval(document.getElementById("gpt").innerHTML);

When I run this code, it freezes and creates an infinite loop. I don't see the problem here, so I would like to know if you guys could help me, thanks!


Answer Source

Your code inside the while loop does nothing to update readCash or cost, so if the condition (readCash >= cost) is true, this will never change, and the while loop will never exit.

I should add that a reader cannot tell what the evals are evaluating--so it's hard to be sure what is going on. However, notice you assign to readCash and cost exactly one time and that you never do this again. So why would it change?

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