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Javascript Question

$(this) is undefined and doesn't return selector using the same function

I'm having a problem using the function

on 2 different events. The first event is this:

$buttonStart.on('click', main);

In the second event I need to do other things too so it's like this:

$buttonDelay.on('click', function () {

function uses a jQuery function at the end:


So, the problem is that in the first case it works perfectly, meanwhile in the second case it says:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'defaultView' of undefined

I have no idea on what to do to fix this and why it behaves this differently.

Thank you for your help.

Answer Source

You can use Function.prototype.call() to set this to $buttonDelay at otherFunction, main, you can also pass the event object to the functions as second parameter to .call()

$buttonDelay.on("click", function (event) {
    otherFunction.call(this, event);
    main.call(this, event);
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