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iOS 10 UITabBar more items visible after setting title

I have a tab bar in my app, and the tab bar items are subclasses of UITabBarItem. After fetching an update from the server, these tab bar items set their title from code using this line:

[self setTitle:@"SomeText"];

Once this line runs, the tab bar items that were previously hidden (behind the more tab) become visible in the main tabs area, and stack on top of the other tabs. See the screenshot below. This only happens in iOS 10 (beta). Is this a bug in my code or an issue in iOS 10?

I have created a minimal XCode project and posted to Github to demonstrate the issue:

enter image description here

Answer Source

This happens anytime you programmatically set a tab's Title in iOS 10. I have confirmed that this is a bug in iOS 10 beta. I have opened a bug report and radar:

I have also posted a Github repo that demonstrates the issue:

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