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Problems with Identity Server 3

We are having a bit of trouble with putting Identity Server 3 into our applications.

Currently we have a WebApi with NHibernate to connect to our Oracle databases.
We use angularjs on our front-end, and call the controller methods with ajax.
An old coleague, used identity server on one of the applications he made, but, he configured Identity server to get Windows Credentials (Since we're in a corporate AD), but recently we're making an external website, that will have a login and password, and we would like to use identity server as our authentication and autorization.

I have looked into examples on their github and other articles(like this one), but I wasn't able to connect to the IS3 to authenticate, it would give me a 403.14 error.

Building and running gives no error, but I can't seem to access Identity Server 3.

Here's the startup

public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
app.Map("/identity", idsrvApp =>
idsrvApp.UseIdentityServer(new IdentityServerOptions
SiteName = "Identity Server",
EnableWelcomePage = false,
RequireSsl = false,
IssuerUri = string.Format("{0}", ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["IdServerEndPoint"]),
SigningCertificate = Certificate.Load(),
Factory = Factory.Configure("MyConStr")
catch (System.Exception ex)

Answer Source

Add this to your IdentityServerOptions.

LoggingOptions = new LoggingOptions
  EnableWebApiDiagnostics = true,
  WebApiDiagnosticsIsVerbose = true,
  EnableHttpLogging = true,
  EnableKatanaLogging = true

You should see a mud-glorious amount of really valuable debugging information. This usually tells me what I've done wrong. If you are not seeing the logging coming to your output, check out https://identityserver.github.io/Documentation/docsv2/configuration/logging.html

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