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Getting a reference to NgMap inside Angular controller

This syntax taken from ngMap works fine:

.controller('MyController', function (NgMap) {
NgMap.getMap().then(function (map) {
console.log('markers', map.markers);
console.log('shapes', map.shapes);

But the syntax I use for declaring controllers is different and I get the error:

angular.js:13642 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getMap' of undefined

It fails on the line as further below:

NgMap.getMap().then(function (map) {

The controller is declared as:

.controller('ActivityDetailsController', [
'$mdSidenav', '$mdBottomSheet', '$timeout', '$log', '$http', '$location', '$routeParams',
function ActivityDetailsController($mdSidenav, $mdBottomSheet, $timeout, $log, $http, $location, $routeParams, NgMap) {
var self = this;

$http.get('/activity/detailStats/' + $, {
params: { max: "1000" }
.success(function (data) {
self.stats = data.stats;

// Zoom to fit
var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();
for (var i = 0; i < self.stats.activityTrackPoints.length; i++) {
var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(self.stats.activityTrackPoints[i][0], self.stats.activityTrackPoints[i][1]);
NgMap.getMap().then(function (map) {

.error(function (data, status) {
console.error('https error', status, data);
.finally(function () {

I have tried adding the NgMap in other obvious places, such as:

...'$routeParams', NgMap,

or doing a ActivityDetailsController.$inject = NgMap before the controller declaration etc but it gives a similar error to above in that NgMap cannot be referenced.

Edit: ngMap dependency was setup in another file similar to the answers already. Sorry I didn't put this earlier, but the above code that works and doesn't work are in the same place together so I thought it seemed ok to leave that out originally.

var app = angular
.module('trails', ['ngMaterial', '', 'ngRoute', 'ngMap'])

I'm not sure if this is to do with the way I am incorrectly trying to inject NgMap using this controller declaration or something in NgMap...or most likely my inexperience with either framework!

Answer Source
var app= angular.module('trails', ['ngMap']);
  app.controller('MyController', function($scope, $interval, NgMap) {
    var vm = this;
    NgMap.getMap().then(function(map) { = map;
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