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Javascript Question

document.body.scrollTop Firefox returns 0 : ONLY JS

Any alternatives in pure javascript?

The following works in opera, chrome and safari. Have not tested yet on explorer:

At page load should scroll down to div '.content':

var destiny = document.getElementsByClassName('content');
var destinyY = destiny[0].offsetTop;
scrollTo(document.body, destinyY, 200);

function scrollTo(element, to, duration) {
if (duration <= 0) return;
var difference = to - element.scrollTop;
var perTick = difference / duration * 2;

setTimeout(function() {
element.scrollTop = element.scrollTop + perTick;
scrollTo(element, to, duration - 2);
}, 10);

Answer Source

Try using this: document.documentElement.scrollTop. If I am correct document.body.scrollTop is deprecated.

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