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C Question

UEFI programming: how to initialize a CHAR16 unicode string?

i have to use some char16-wide strings for uefi programming. How can i initialize them easily?
CHAR8 is easy:

CHAR8 *Str = "yehaw\0";

CHAR16 meanwhile is hard working that way, therefor i chose this initialization:

CHAR16 *Str;
Str = AllocatePool(6*2); //AllocatePool allocates bytewise
Str = ('y','e','h','a','w','\o');

So question is: What whould be the right and what the easy way to initialize CHAR16 strings?

Answer Source

If you have the c standard library and are using a conformant C/C++ compiler, typically prefixing a string with L works for declared strings.As in :

 CHAR16 *Str =  L"yehaw";

works. However, why not use the ubiquitously accepted type of



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