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CSS Question

HTML Table : put an image or circle on border

<td valign="top" align="center" style=" padding-left: 30px; padding: 10px; border-left: thin gray solid; ">
<p style="padding-left: 50px; text-align: left; font-weight: 600;">
<span style="color: #ee163a; font-size: 12px;">08:30 am - 09:30 am</span><br>
<span style="color: black; font-size: 10px;">Tea, Registration and Networking </span>

I want to put an image or circle on the starting of
left border

Just like in the image.

Here is the image

PS: Cant' use
, have to stick to
and inline css , only.

(I am making an HTML emailer)

Answer Source

Outlook doesn't support position property. so it will not work in outlook. if you have static content then you may create the same type of image and put it in you code.

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